-Point plotting (on a coordinate grid) worksheet needs to be completed for tomorrow. This is an activity where students plot points on a graph and then connect the dots to create an image.

-ALL students should be talking with their families about their circuit projects.  Students have been encouraged to recycle parts for their projects from items that are no longer needed or wanted.  This project should not be costly for families. I have lots of paper clips for wires here at school and "D" sized batteries are available for students to use as well.  The purpose of the project is to get students seeing and understanding that circuits exist all around us and to think of a possible way in which a circuit (series or parallel) can be used to for a specific purpose. I haven't set too many parameters for this project as I want students to be able to be somewhat creative.  The two parameters that I am giving them is that their project needs to include a switch and the circuit must work. If for some reason a student is not including a switch they need to come and discuss it with me as to why. Some ideas for students that are still unsure what to do: robot, morse code machine, operation type game, question and answer game, flashlight (homemade).  Components that can be used include: lights, buzzers, and motors. The due date for this project is Dec 19th.

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