Yikes! This is definitely a challenge for me keeping this blog updated everyday! :)  I will try my best as we move into even more and exciting units this term, a New Year's resolution of sorts. Perhaps I need to enlist some students to help me with this task. Any takers?

An update for parents, in case your students have kept "mum" about our new learning units. In science we have started our exploration of Extreme Environments. This is an exciting unit where we get to take a look at a variety of extreme environments and consider the challenges that scientists, and adventurers, face when exploring them. Examples of extreme environments we will be looking at include: Polar regions, High Mountain Areas, Deep Oceans, Deserts, Space, Volcanoes...  So far we have begun defining the terms: Extreme Environment and Technology. We have also started to consider what factors make each environment extreme and the technologies that can be used to aid survival and exploration in each environment. 

Since our return from Winter Break we have also started a new unit in Math. Fractions, fractions, fractions! Doesn't everyone just love fractions??? I do, I love how concrete/visual they can be!  We have so far reviewed the definition of a fraction and have been using a variety of models to help us understand the relationships between key benchmark fractions. This week we have also been reviewing the concept of equivalent fractions. One way that parents can provide support during this unit is to encourage their kids to spot the wide variety of examples of fractions that exist in our everyday lives. Ask your son or daughter to tell you about some of the examples that they might have seen in an introductory slide show to help get the conversation started. 

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