Francais: Etude de roman (p. 1-7)
                  Les dieux grecques (due vendredi)
                  Journal: ma meilleur qualite (due vendredi)
* Make sure you bring the mind map that we have been working on to our French class on Tuesday
* Read your French book for at least 20 minutes each day
Francais: Finish page title, table of contents, and pages 1-5 for novel study (hand in o
Sciences Humaines: Bonne copie de ton projet de gouvernement (mardi, le 22 janvier)

Francais: Petit quiz de 'comment poser les questions' (mardi, le 22 janvier)
Francais: Les Bandes Dessinees (due today)

Sciences Humaines: Rough draft of questions #1-4 for the government project  (Thursday)
Francais - Today, students chose a French novel for an independent novel study project.  This novel study should be kept in a separate duotang and should be brought to each French class.
Homework: finish title page, and prediction/characters page (due Friday)

Sciences Humaines - Comparaison entre le gouvernement de la Chine et le gouvernement du Canada (due lundi, le 14 janvier)

***Students have been asked to bring their agenda to class tomorrow.