Français : Ma vie de ______________ : Finish your title page, 2 photo album pages, and the 12 typed pages (Friday, June 14th)

English: Make sure that your English duotang is complete and organized with a graphic organizer for each book that you have read.  All of your final projects must be submitted no later than Tuesday, June 18th.
Francais: Finsh 12 rough draft journal entries for 'Ma vie de ______________', finish title page for this project (Wednesday, June 12th)
Français : Brouillon des premières 8 pages pour ‘Ma vie de ________’ (à remettre : mercredi, le 5 juin)

Sciences Humaines : Dessin qui illustre comment le milieu naturel influence la culture du Canada (à remettre : mercredi, le 5 juin)

French: Please finish the rough draft for the first four pages of 'Ma Vie de ________'.  Each page should be in journal format and should be at least 4 sentences long. (due Tuesday, June 4th)