Français: Dictée #5 (lundi, le 3 dec)

***Read for half an hour each day this weekend!
Français: Quiz de DR MRS VANDERTRAMP (mercredi, le 27 nov)


mercredi, le 21 novembre 2012

English: 1 page double-spaced Chapter 18 summary for Run (due Monday, November 26th)
Français: Dictée #4 (vendredi, le 16 nov)
                Quiz de homophones (vendredi, le 16 nov)

English: Finish mystery story good copy (Friday, November 16th)
- Work on your rough draft for the magic trick assignment.  This should include: Title, List of Materials, Instructions, Script
- Written portion is due Wednesday, November 7th
- Presentations are on Wednesday, November 7th

Sciences Humaines
- Finish labeling the map of the world and the map of Canada
***Test de Sciences Humaines: vendredi, le 9 novembre

- finish rough draft of mystery story and have somebody at home help you edit it if possible